Privacy Policy


Effective as of 1st September 2023.


You are currently visiting the Imavox (AIO) website, which consists of services under the SaaS Solutions. Imavox (AIO) considers your personal data and your privacy at the utmost importance. Our privacy notice explains what personal data we collect and how we process them. We invite you to read them.

Imavox (AIO) processes your personal data for this website in order to provide you with a helpful and adapted resource.

This Policy applies to your use of the Imavox (AIO) website as a User. This includes the use of commercial services, which are charged by Imavox (AIO).

This Policy is not Imavox’s (AIO) Terms of Use. Those are found in a separate document, outlining the legal contract between the Customer and Imavox (AIO) for using the SaaS Solutions Service. It also describes the rules of Imavox (AIO) and the Customer’s rights.


Data privacy laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), give rights to individuals over their personal data.

 What is Personal Data?

Personal data may be any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identifier such as a name, identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to that natural person.

In the table below, your rights and their descriptions are outlined.


It is your right to:


Be informed of the personal data we process about you and request access to it


Request that we amend or update your personal data where it’s inaccurate or incomplete


Request that we delete certain of your personal data


Request that we temporarily or permanently stop processing all or some of your personal data


Object to us processing your personal data at any time, on grounds relating to your particular situation.

Object to your personal data being processed for direct marketing purposes

Data portability

Request a copy of your personal data in electronic format and the right to transmit that personal data for use in another party’s service

Not to be subject to automated decision-making

Not be subject to a decision based solely on automated decision-making (decisions without human involvement), including profiling, where the decision would have a legal effect on you or produce a similarly significant effect

To exercise these rights, you are free to contact Imavox (AIO) at


We collect personal data either directly from you, typically through forms on our website, or indirectly during your interactions with us (like cookies).

Regarding data collected directly from you, we indicate all mandatory information on our forms with an asterisk. If you do not answer the mandatory questions, you will not be able to register for the event.

The following list of data could be collected while you register, connect to and navigate on the Imavox (AIO) website:




User Data

Personal data that we need to create your account and enable you to use the Service. The type of data collected depends on the type of Service Option you have, how you create your account, the country you are in, and if you use third-party services to sign in.

Name and surname


E-mail address

Usage data

Data collected about you when you’re accessing and/or using the Imavox (AIO) website. Some data could be personal.


Information about your Imavox (AIO) website options

Your actions with the Imavox (AIO) website (including date and time)

Search queries

Account settings

Interactions with other Users

Audio and Visual Data

Your use of third-party services, devices, and applications in connection with the Imavox (AIO) website

Content you post to any part of the Imavox (AIO) website such as images, text, video and audio, communications, and other types of content.


Technical data

Data used by your browser and Google Analytics which is not stored by us. Some data could be personal.

URL information

Online identifiers such as cookie data and IP addresses

Information about the devices you use such as:

device IDs

network connection type (e.g.: wifi, 4G, LTE, Bluetooth)


network and device performance

browser type


information enabling digital rights management

operating system

Your general (non-precise) location

IP Adress

Language setting

Currency used


Payment and purchase data

Personal data that the third-party payment gateway Stripe, with servers located in the US, to be able to collect payment for tickets. (this data collection only applies to events that have paid tickets)

First name

Last name

Email address

Credit card number expiration date and CVV number (encrypted)

IP Adress



The table below sets out:

  • Our purpose for processing your personal data
  • Our legal justifications (each called a "legal basis") under data protection law, for each purpose
  • Categories of personal data which we use for each purpose (see more about these categories in Section 3 ‘’Purpose of collecting data’’)

Here is a general explanation of each "legal basis" to help you understand the table:

Legitimate interest: When Imavox (AIO) has an interest in using your personal data in a certain way, which may be necessary and justified considering any possible risks to you and other Users. For example, using your Usage Data to improve the Imavox (AIO) website for all Customers. Contact us if you want to understand a specific justification.

Consent: When Imavox (AIO) asks you to actively indicate your agreement to the Imavox (AIO) website use of your personal data for a certain purpose(s).

Compliance with Legal Obligations: When Imavox (AIO) must process your personal data to comply with a law.

Contract : When Imavox (AIO) must process your personal data to comply with a contract.


Purpose for processing your data

Legal basis that permits the purpose

Categories of personal data used for purpose

To provide access to the Imavox (AIO) website

Legitimate Interest


User Data

Usage Data

Payment and Purchase Data

Audio and Visual Data

To understand, diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix issues with the Imavox (AIO) website

Legitimate Interest


User Data

Usage Data

To evaluate and develop new features, technologies, and improvements to the Imavox (AIO) website

Legitimate Interest



User Data

Usage Data


To comply with legal obligations and law enforcement requests.

Compliance with legal obligations

Legitimate interest


User Data

Usage Data

Payment and Purchase Data

Audio and Visual Data

To establish, exercise, or defend legal claims.

Legitimate interest


User Data

Usage Data

Payment and Purchase Data

To conduct business planning, reporting, and forecasting.

Legitimate Interest


User Data

Usage Data

Payment and Purchase Data

To process your payment.

Compliance with legal obligations

Contractual obligations


User Data

Payment and Purchase Data

To detect and prevent fraud, including fraudulent payments and fraudulent use of the Imavox (AIO) website

Compliance with legal obligations

Legitimate Interest


User Data

Usage Data

Payment and Purchase Data



In order to comply with the principle of data minimization, your personal data is only kept for as long as is necessary to achieve the above-mentioned purposes.

  • Identification data collected for events will be kept for 1 year post-event and a maximum of 2 years when required by the organizer (e.g., AGM)
  • Anonymized browsing data collected to help with the performance of the Imavox (AIO) website and make data-driven business decisions about new features and offerings will be kept for a maximum 2 years.

In order to comply with our legal obligations, certain personal data is retained for a longer period (for example, to fulfill our billing obligations), as well as to exercise certain rights (especially to take legal action). If applicable, this data will be retained for the duration imposed by the legal obligation or until the expiration of the statute of limitations for legal action.

Data recipients

Within the context of management of this processing, the data processed is reserved for the use of the event only and can only be communicated internally and/or to the organizer responsible for organizing this event. Data is only transmitted to other third parties by Imavox (AIO) for customer support and troubleshooting purposes. All third parties that use the data have signed a contract with Imavox (AIO) for traceability and those parties agree to not transmit this data further and only use it for the purposes above. Imavox (AIO) cannot be held responsible for the use of data by the event organizer, or transmission to third parties by the organizer.


If you close or request that we terminate your account, we'll delete or anonymize your personal data so it no longer identifies you, unless we are required to keep information if there is a need to use it for a legally justifiable reason.

Here are some examples of situations where we're legally allowed or required to keep some of your personal data:

  • If there's an unresolved issue relating to your account, such as an outstanding credit or unresolved claim or dispute.
  • For our legal, tax, audit and accounting obligations.
  • For our legitimate business interests such as fraud prevention or to maintain security.

Imavox (AIO) can be requested at any moment to delete your user data. To do so, please contact us at:

email (

phone at +41 21 320 12 90

writing to us at Imavox sa, ch. du Crêt des Pierres 4, 1090 La Croix sur Lutry – Lausanne, Switzerland


Imavox (AIO) implements appropriate measures to preserve the security and confidentiality of your personal data and, in particular, to prevent it from being distorted, damaged, or accessed by unauthorized third parties. Further, Imavox (AIO) does not authorize the use of spamming, phishing, junk emails, or any other form of inappropriate or illegal form of external communication with users of Imavox (AIO) website. Where such an event has occurred, the Terms of Use outline the relevant steps Imavox (AIO) will take to prevent such an occurrence.

Any personal data processed by Imavox (AIO) is kept on secure servers in Europe. Imavox (AIO) uses reasonable administrative and technical personnel, and physical measures including training, cameras on site, and restricted accessed to safeguard personal data against loss, unauthorized access, use, disclosure, or modification and to ensure the integrity of the personal data. Additionally, Imavox (AIO) ensures to process your personal data only for the purposes mentioned in this privacy notice and to keep data no longer than necessary.


Your personal data may be stored and processed in any country in the world where we have facilities or service providers, and by using our services or by giving us your consent (where required by law), your information may be transferred to countries around the world outside your country of residence. This currently includes mainly the following countries: European Union countries, United States of America, Singapore, Mauritius, and India. These countries may have different data protection rules to those in your country of residence.

Some countries outside your country of residence are recognized as offering an adequate level of data protection; others, however, are not. For transfers to countries that are not recognized as offering an adequate level of data protection (such as, among others, Mauritius and India), we have ensured that adequate measures are in place, including ensuring that the recipient is bound by the European Commission's revised Standard Contractual Clauses (including adjustments and additions necessary for use under Swiss data protection law) to adequately protect your personal data, as required by the GDPR.



This concerns the trackers stored and read during consultation of this platform, when software or a mobile application is installed or used, regardless of the type of terminal used (e.g. computer, smartphone, e-reader or video game console connected to the Internet). Our platform uses trackers that are essential for the proper functioning of the Imavox (AIO) website. Please note that if you uninstall a functional cookie (authentication cookie, etc.), you may not be able to benefit from some of the services.

How to remove and configure your cookies or other trackers

Our platform uses functional trackers and google analytics. To learn more about cookies and to configure your browser, please visit this page:

Types of cookies and trackers and configuration

The cookies that can be installed on your server when you browse the site are cookies that have either the exclusive purpose of allowing or facilitating electronic communication or are strictly necessary for the provision of the service you are requesting (language and/or time-zone cookies, identification cookies, etc.), or analytical cookies or other cookies under the conditions described below.

Cookies placed on the Imavox (AIO) website:

Name of cookies


Retention period


Session cookie

Length of active Session



Length of active Session


Amazon web services load balancing

1 week


Localisation / timezone

1 year

Google Analytics

analysis and statistical tracking of a website

2 years

Browser settings

You may change your browser’s settings to delete cookies that have already been set while visiting other websites. To learn more, visit the help pages of your browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari…).


We may occasionally make changes to this Policy. When we make material changes to this Policy, we'll provide you with prominent notice as appropriate under the circumstances. For example, we may display a prominent notice within the Imavox (AIO) website or send you an email or device notification.


For any questions and concerns regarding this Policy, you may contact Imavox (AIO) either by:

email (

phone at +41 21 320 12 90

writing to us at Imavox sa, ch. du crêt des pierres 4, 1090 La Croix sur Lutry – Lausanne, Switzerland